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A wedding wouldn't be the same without flowers, they are a personal signature of love. Flowers can turn an already beautiful setting into one that is truly breathtaking.

The centerpiece of the evening is the Bride, stunning bouquets are designed based on her wants. 

Careful consideration is also given to floral accents such as boutonnieres and corsages.

Our Bridal Services include:
Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Flower Girl Baskets......
Arches, Arbors, Ceremony Arrangements, Aisle Decor......
Centerpieces, Cake Decoration, Fabric Draping,Table Clothes.......

Bridal Party
All weddings are designed with a specific couple in mind, making each wedding unique. 
A consultation with our head florist and designer, Omar Williams starts the process. During the consultation the details of the wedding are laid out, preliminary decisions are made and a tentive budget established. The overall feel and mood of the wedding are dependant upon these details. 

A generic proposal is available upon request.

Consultations are by appointment. Feel free to reach us at the above mention contacts.

Wedding Photos
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October 29, 2016
November   2015

October 15, 2016
October 23, 2016
 Paradise Island Beach
Lyford Cay Club
National Trust Grounds
National Trust Grounds
neutral and orange wedding palette
National Trust Grounds
Bridal Party Flowers Candids
Compass Point
Grand Isle, Exuma
Cloisters, Ocean Club, P.I.
Island House
Compass Point
Camperdown, New Providence
Port New Providence Beach
Marley Resort Beach
Sunrise Beach Villas, P.I.
Sunrise Beach Villas, P.I.
Public Beach, Cable Beach